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While no one hopes to face legal issues during their lifetime, the reality is you may need to seek out the help of an attorney to handle a variety of situations at some point. Thankfully, the personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers at Ben F. Windham, P.C. serve clients throughout Henry County and the greater Atlanta area, including Locust Grove and Greensboro, with an array of law services. Our firm specializes in many areas of the law in order to provide honest counsel and tenacious litigation to our clients.

Our practice areas include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Defense
  • Whistle Blower
  • Condemnations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Consumer Law

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, have been charged with a crime, or need a savvy attorney to assist you with a real estate transaction, we are here for you. Our Atlanta and Henry County personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers have years of experience handling a variety of cases and we vow to advocate for you in your legal matter. From filing paperwork to negotiating with insurance agencies-we have the knowledge and skills to handle your case. By choosing to retain us as your law firm, we promise to create a solid defense on your behalf and work tirelessly to seek a positive resolution to your situation.

Would you like to work with a compassionate, professional, and experienced personal injury attorney or criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta and Henry County? The legal team at Ben F. Windham, P.C. is here to represent you in your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.



Ben is the best attorney that I have ever had. Ben is professional, attentive to your needs and whenever you call him, he will call you right back. He gets things done. If you want to get a huge settlement like the one Ben got for me, you should call him. He will definitely get you what you deserve....
Alexis Tinsley
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