Athens Uber Accident Attorney

Athens Uber Accident Attorney

The advent of Uber and other rideshare companies has been nothing if not revolutionary for those looking for a convenient way to get around. Leaving the hassle of driving to someone else – for a generally reasonable price – is hard to beat. When Uber accidents happen, however, things become far more complicated. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, consult with an experienced Uber accident lawyer in Athens today.

Ubers vs. Taxis

When you hop in a cab, your driver is a professional driver with a commercial driver’s license who is held to far stricter safety standards than is your Uber driver. Further, there are other differences that can make the Uber ride riskier:

  • While Uber does have hours-of-service restrictions for drivers, they are much less comprehensive than those taxi drivers must adhere to. Also, many Uber drivers work for more than one rideshare company and can hop on another app when their time is up with Uber.
  • Maintenance checks are required of all taxicabs, but no such requirements are in place for Uber vehicles. The car you are in may not be in safe working order.
  • Taxi drivers are the employees of the taxi company, and as such, if you are injured in a taxicab accident, the taxi company’s insurance coverage comes into play. Uber drivers, on the other hand, are not employees of Uber but are, instead, independent contractors. If an Uber driver causes you to be injured, the question of insurance is much more complicated.

Fortunately for victims, Uber and other ridesharing companies carry significant insurance policies that often cover victims’ losses. An experienced lawyer can help you determine whether and from whom you may be able to recover compensation.

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