Atlanta Brain and Spinal Injuries Attorney

Atlanta Brain and Spinal Injuries Attorney

Helping You Recover After a Catastrophic Brain or Spinal Injury in Atlanta

While injuries to any part of your body can be serious, injuries to your brain or spinal cord are generally considered to be catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries impact the functioning of your nervous system, and can often result in permanent impairments and disabilities. The overall physical, financial, and emotional cost of these injuries can be extensive, and it is important to learn whether you have the legal right to obtain compensation for your losses.

You should always schedule a case evaluation with an experienced Atlanta brain and spinal injuries lawyer after this type of injury. The office of Ben F. Windham, PC, has the experience and resources to handle claims involving catastrophic injuries, so please call today for help.

Effects of Brain and Spinal Injuries

It is so important to learn about your legal rights since brain and spinal injuries can have so many devastating effects. Each patient will have their own experience, but some common effects of these serious injuries include:

  • Cognitive processing issues, including trouble with communication, reading, or following directions
  • Physical impairments, including loss of balance, coordination problems, or complete paralysis from spinal injuries
  • Behavioral problems, including changes in personality, angry outbursts, depression, and more

Some of these impairments can last for months, years, or might be permanent. They can impact your job, family life, recreational activities, and much more.

Learn About Your Legal Options from a Brain and Spinal Injuries Lawyer in Atlanta

In addition to extensive medical bills, brain and spine injury victims often suffer major personal losses, as well. Always consult with an Atlanta brain and spinal injury attorney about your rights to recovery. Schedule a free consultation with the office of Ben F. Windham, PC – contact us online or call 833.236.9467 today.