Are You Entitled to Compensation After a Car Crash?

Are You Entitled to Compensation After a Car Crash?

When someone calls us after a car accident, they want to be paid for their injuries. The answer of whether they legally deserve money is not always cut-and-dry. Like any lawyer, we will always say that it depends on the facts. The short answer is that you only become entitled to compensation after you take a number of steps in the legal process.

Car accident lawsuits are the most common example of personal injury law. All of these cases are decided by the same issue. Someone is responsible for paying damages that they cause to someone else if they are found to have been negligent. This is a legal term of art that is shorthand for saying that someone acted unreasonably under the circumstances.

You Need Proof for Your Case

In other words, to prove your entitlement to a settlement check, you must show that the other driver did something wrong. You are required to have evidence that shows what the other driver did. Their insurance company will not take your word for it. Only when you can prove what happened can you be in a position to talk money with the insurance company.

This is not always easy to do after a car accident. An experienced attorney knows how to gather the evidence that you need for your claim. You do not want to be in a situation where it is your word against the other driver’s. It is best to file your claim for compensation after you have built a strong case that shows what happened to cause your accident.

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