Red Light Accidents

Red Light Accidents

Intersection accidents are among the most common (and dangerous) types of car crashes. Nearly 40% of traffic accidents occur where there are traffic lights or stop signs. These crashes can be deadly because of the nature of the impact.

T-bone crashes are the most dangerous kind of red light accident. In these accidents, the front of one car hits the broad side of the other. Both drivers may be seriously injured. T-bone crashes usually happen because one driver runs the traffic light. They may also occur because one driver is making a left turn when they do not have the right-of-way or a safe amount of room. Finally, they could happen because the driver in the oncoming lane is speeding and driving recklessly and hits the car that is already making a left turn.

Rear-End Crashes at Intersections

Another common type of red light accident is when one car rear-ends another at a traffic signal. Usually, rear-end accidents are the fault of the driver who hits the front vehicle. However, that assumption may not always hold true at a traffic light. In some cases, the front driver stops short in front of the driver who is behind them. In that case, the front driver could be at fault, although that is not always an easy case to prove.

In other cases, the rear driver is not paying attention or is driving too fast, and they hit the car in front of them. That is a more clear-cut case, where the trailing driver will be legally responsible for the crash.

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