Truck Tire Blowout Crashes

Truck Tire Blowout Crashes

Truck tire blowout accidents cost lives and often leave surviving victims with serious injuries and losses. If you suffered injuries due to a truck’s tire blowing, you should have a South Atlanta truck accident lawyer evaluate your rights.

Common Factors Triggering Tire Blowout Accidents

Different factors trigger tire blowouts and the resulting accidents. Some factors involve human error, such as neglecting the Federal Department of Transportation regulations requiring tire tread to have a certain minimum depth. These rules also limit the use of regrooved tires and compel truckers to inflate their trucks correctly.

Here are some additional causes of tire blowout accidents:

  • Incorrect tire inflation.
  • Tire overinflation due to heat.
  • Cargo overloading.
  • Not inspecting tires regularly.
  • Not replacing worn tires on time.
  • Low or zero tire tread.
  • Mismatched tires.
  • Fitting trucks with tires that don’t match their sizes.
  • Using faulty or recalled tires.
  • Excessive and sudden braking.

Who Bears Responsibility for a Tire Blowout Truck Crash?

Victims of tire blowout crashes often have the right to seek compensation for their losses from negligent parties. These parties might include one or more of the following:

The Truck Driver

A truck driver can be liable if they don’t inspect their vehicles before a shift. They’re supposed to check for any warning signs that make the truck unsafe for road use, including tires, and they might fail to do so.

The Trucking Company

A trucking company may also share blame for a truck crash, either due to vicarious liability for the truck driver’s negligence or due to negligent maintenance of the truck fleet.

The Tire Manufacturer

A tire manufacturer can be held responsible for tire blowout accidents if they supply defective tires.

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