Henry County Uber Accident Attorney

Henry County Uber Accident Attorney

Uber has made getting around on our own terms about as easy as it can be. Uber accidents, however, can be extremely complicated. Because obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled can be critical to your ability to fully heal, working closely with an experienced Uber accident lawyer in Henry County is always in your best interests.

Uber Rides and Risk Factors

Uber rides come with a variety of attendant risk factors that include:

  • Uber drivers ferry passengers around for a percentage of the fair, but unlike taxi drivers, they are not professional drivers. This means they take on the increased responsibility of professional drivers without being required to have the same experience, skill, and special license.
  • Uber drivers are required to engage in a wide range of more-dangerous driving practices, such as making frequent stops, pulling in and out of traffic, interacting with the Uber app en route, locating passengers outside their vehicles, driving in areas that are unfamiliar to them, and more.
  • Many Uber drivers depend upon the work to earn a living, which – in today’s tight economy – can translate to spending more time behind the wheel than is safe.

Finally, it’s important to point out that when Uber accidents do happen – and they do – the insurance component is often more complicated. If the driver has a passenger, for example, Uber’s robust coverage is in play. If the driver does not, however, the driver’s own coverage usually kicks in (unless the driver is on the way to pick up a passenger).

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