Augusta Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorney

Augusta Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorney

Protecting the Rights of Nursing Home Residents Who Suffered Injuries in the Augusta Area

Nursing homes have standards of care set by state and federal regulations, and this includes providing the proper medical care, nutrition, shelter, and other accommodations for residents. When your loved one pays significant sums to receive care in a nursing home, you should expect them to receive the attention and assistance they need. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents suffer unnecessary injuries due to neglect or abuse by the staff.

If you think your loved one’s injuries are the result of wrongdoing by nursing home staff members, you should speak with a nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer in Augusta as soon as possible. The law firm of Ben F. Windham, PC, can stand up for your loved one’s rights.

Neglect and Abuse Claims

When a resident suffers physical or mental injuries due to neglect or abuse, the nursing home should be held fully accountable for allowing this to occur. Some examples of neglect and abuse that might lead to a legal case include:

  • Failing to provide adequate water and nutrition
  • Not administering medication as needed
  • Having facilities that are too hot, too cold, or unsanitary
  • Not providing treatment for medical conditions or emergencies
  • Unnecessary restraint or isolation
  • Allowing bed sores to form and worsen
  • Physical assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual assault

All of the above can result in injuries to residents, and it is important for loved ones to inquire about the cause of any injuries or recognize possible signs of neglect or abuse.

Consult with Our Dedicated Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Lawyer in Augusta

The law office of Ben F. Windham, PC, can help you with the next steps if you believe your loved one suffered injuries. For a free consultation with an Augusta nursing home neglect and abuse attorney, contact us online or call 833.236.9467.