Augusta Rental Car Accident Attorney

Augusta Rental Car Accident Attorney

Handling Complicated Claims Stemming from Rental Car Accidents in Augusta

When you rent a car, you must have insurance – whether you use your own, you have coverage through a credit card, or you purchase the rental company’s coverage. All of the insurance options for rental cars – as well as the rental company itself – can make it complicated if you are injured in a rental car accident, and you should seek legal assistance right away.

Crashes involving rental cars can lead to complicated claims, and you need an experienced rental car accident lawyer in Augusta on your side. The law firm of Ben F. Windham, PC, is ready to assist you, and we will evaluate your rights for free. Contact us today.

Rental Car Insurance Claims

Victims of traffic accidents have the right to hold negligent parties liable for their injury-related losses and property damage costs. This is typically handled through insurance claims, and you need to ensure you file a claim with the right insurance company. This might include:

  • The rental company’s insurer
  • The rental driver’s insurer
  • A third-party driver’s insurer

If the rental driver was at fault, we can identify the right avenue(s) for your insurance claims.

In addition, if you were driving the rental car when another driver hit you, the rental company might try to hold you liable for the damage to the vehicle. You should have the right legal help to ensure the negligent driver pays for the damage and not you.

Consult with Our Rental Car Accident Lawyer for Free Today

Some accident claims are more complex than others, and the office of Ben F. Windham, PC, successfully handles complicated claims for our clients. We will fight for the financial recovery you deserve, so contact us online or call 833.236.9467 to consult with an Augusta rental car accident attorney.