Auto Insurance Company Tricks & Tactics

Auto Insurance Company Tricks & Tactics

Every lawyer seems as if they are trying to turn the auto insurance company into the terrible bad guy to get you to hire them. In reality, this is not a scare tactic used to generate business. It is a warning from an experienced professional who has seen exactly how these companies operate every day.

The auto insurance company likes to apply pressure or deception to get you to admit fault in the accident or say something to undercut your claims. They may try to call you and ask you innocent-sounding questions with the recorder running. Then, they would use those statements against you in the future. They may trick you into talking with them.

An Insurance Company Makes Negotiations Hard

Even if liability is not an issue, the insurance company will try to wear you down in settlement negotiations. They are either banking on the fact that you do not know the value of your claim or need the money and will accept what they offer. Your claim is everything to you, but it is just another figure to them that counts against their balance sheet.

Look for a lowball offer initially as the start of settlement negotiations. If you accept the first offer that the insurance company makes, you are likely sacrificing money. They always have room to raise their offer further after some negotiations. The insurance company is not an all-powerful entity. They are merely working on behalf of their policyholder, trying to settle the claim and limit liability.

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