Baldwin County Brain and Spinal Injury Lawyer

Baldwin County Brain and Spinal Injury Lawyer

Thousands of people sustain spinal cord injuries each year in the United States, while millions suffer traumatic brain injuries of various degrees. What happens if another person’s negligence or wrongful actions cause these injuries? The law allows victims to seek compensation for their often extensive losses from the liable parties, and a Baldwin County spine and brain injury attorney can advise you of your options in your situations.

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

People suffer spinal and brain injuries in many different ways that may or may not be preventable. These injuries commonly result from serious accidents, including vehicle crashes, falls, and other incidents that cause head or back trauma. Such accidents can happen due to negligent drivers, careless businesses, defective products, and more.

Prevention Tips

In some – but not all – situations, you can take steps to possibly prevent brain and spinal cord injuries, including:

  • Always wear a helmet when biking, riding a motorbike, or skateboarding.
  • Be a safe driver because vehicle accidents are leading causes of head and spinal cord injuries.
  • When in a vehicle, always buckle up, as it often minimizes accident injuries.
  • Remove clutter wherever you work from or live to avoid slipping and falling.
  • Always check a swimming pool’s depth to ensure it’s at least 9 feet before diving into it.

No matter how safe you are, however, others can still cause injuries with their negligence.

These injuries are often catastrophic and can change the course of your life. Victims of TBIs or spinal injuries can incur extensive medical bills, lost income if they cannot work, physical and mental pain and suffering, and more. It is important to identify when you deserve compensation for these losses under the law.

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