Baldwin County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Baldwin County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Hundreds of thousands of people pass away each year from unexpected injuries. These injuries might result from traffic accidents, defective products, intentional violence, and other causes. If you lost a family member recently and someone else was to blame, a Baldwin County wrongful death attorney is ready to stand up for you and your family.

Legal Grounds for Wrongful Death Claims

So, what kind of death qualifies as wrongful death in Baldwin County, GA? Under the law, wrongful death occurs when someone dies because of another person’s negligence or deliberate actions. When this happens, the deceased victim cannot file an injury claim, so the victim’s close relatives can file a claim against the party that caused their loved one’s death. The family members must still prove liability for the death and their damages.

Top Causes of Wrongful Death

Many factors cause wrongful deaths, and motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause, followed by medical malpractice. Other common causes are falls, assaults, fires, and various workplace accidents. All of these can happen when you least expect it, leaving your family facing unimaginable grief, as well as possible financial stress.

Fortunately, victims’ family members can seek damages for their losses. Certain close relatives can get compensation for various damages, such as:

  • The medical costs the deceased victim incurred because of the injuries that caused their death.
  • Funeral and burial expenses the family incurred.
  • Any inheritance the deceased’s family lost because of the wrongful death.
  • The loss of love, care, and affection the deceased used to give the remaining family.

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