Be Careful on the Road Over Labor Day Weekend

Be Careful on the Road Over Labor Day Weekend

Many families in Georgia and across the United States look forward to Labor Day and the long weekend that comes with it. Families plan barbecues, boat trips, and other weekend getaways, which should be enjoyable for everyone involved. However, if a traffic accident results in injuries, it can not only disrupt your holiday weekend, but your life in general.

Drunk Drivers

Many people like to gather and have some drinks to celebrate Labor Day. Unfortunately, some of these people do not arrange other transportation, such as calling an Uber, and they instead try to drive home. Impaired drivers are a major reason why car crashes increase over holidays and long weekends, and they can cause devastating damage and change the lives of families forever.

Road Trip Accidents

If your family is heading out of town by car, there are several risks that can lead to car accidents. Some risks include:

  • RV drivers can make mistakes and hit your cars
  • Drivers who are drowsy or distracted, which is common on travel weekends
  • Tires that blow out
  • Drivers getting drowsy after traveling long distances
  • Drivers who are in unfamiliar areas who make errors

RVs are particularly popular for vacations in 2020, and many RV drivers are inexperienced in operating these large vehicles. An improper lane change can hit a smaller vehicle in an RV blind spot, or an RV that takes a curve too fast can roll over. This is a more prevalent risk in 2020 than it has been in past years.

Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Right Away

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