Bibb County Premises Liability Lawyer

Bibb County Premises Liability Lawyer

Legally, premises liability refers to the responsibility property owners or occupants have toward visitors regarding the state of their properties. The law requires these parties to do the following:

  • Protect all guests or anyone entering the premises legally. All visitors to public buildings are considered guests.
  • Exercise reasonable care by regularly maintaining and posting warnings of any potential hazards to protect all occupants and invitees.
  • Refrain from inflicting any intentional harm to any trespassers to whom they owe no legal duty of care.

Unfortunately, some people disregard the above obligations, harming innocent customers or visitors. In this situation, the business or property owner should be liable, and victims can file insurance claims against negligent parties for compensation. You should discuss this possibility with a Bibb County premises liability attorney right away.

Grounds for Premise Liability Cases

People injured due to neglected premises can often file claims to recover damages. Their attorney must prove the following to obtain compensation:

  • The responsible party legally owns or manages the affected premises
  • The premises’ owner was negligent or deliberately reckless regarding their duty to maintain or care for the property because of invitees’ or child trespassers’ safety
  • The property owner or managers’ negligence or malicious behavior directly caused an accident that injured visitors, occupants, or trespassing children
  • The premises’ owner knew about the looming dangers in their property but failed to act responsibly or alert others
  • The plaintiff used the premises legally
  • The injured victim was ignorant of the looming dangers and couldn’t reasonably detect them in time to avoid being hurt

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