Butts County Bus Accident Attorney

Butts County Bus Accident Attorney

When you’re on a bus, your thoughts are typically on your destination and the convenience of not having to fight traffic, navigate the roadway, or find parking. In fact, buses offer us considerable convenience. The weight and size of these vehicles and their relative lack of maneuverability, however, makes bus accidents exceptionally dangerous. If you’ve been injured in a bus accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you have rights, so don’t wait to consult with an experienced Butts County bus accident lawyer.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents often beget multiple dangerous injuries. Further, there are a variety of factors that make accidents more likely:

  • Buses make frequent stops and starts and also enter and exit traffic often. Both of these are closely associated with increased accident rates.
  • Buses are far heavier than are most other vehicles on our roads, which means they require far longer stopping distances. Bus drivers who fail to drive accordingly make rear-end accidents more likely.
  • Buses are less nimble and are more difficult to move safely through traffic, which makes truck driver negligence of any kind that much more dangerous.
  • Many motorists on the road see buses in their midst as nuisances to get around as swiftly as possible, and in so doing, increase the risk of bus accidents.

Bus drivers are professional drivers who are held to stricter rules and regulations, and motorists who share the road with buses are responsible for doing so safely. Those who fail to take their responsibilities seriously enough infringe on your rights and can be held responsible for any ensuing accidents.

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