Butts County Taxi Accident Attorney

Butts County Taxi Accident Attorney

When you’re away from home, hiring a taxi is an important convenience – you can leave the hassle of navigating an area you don’t know to a professional driver and relax in the knowledge that you’ll get where you need to be without having to concern yourself with parking or anything else. Taxi accidents, however, are often as dangerous as their claims are complicated, and you need an experienced Butts County taxi accident lawyer on your side.

Liability and Taxi Accidents

When it comes to taxi accidents, liability tends to fall into one of the following categories:

  • The Taxi Company – The taxi company is responsible for maintaining a safe fleet of cabs and for hiring safe, experienced taxi drivers with an appropriate professional license (among other important responsibilities). When the taxi company’s failure to live up to these responsibilities causes or contributes to a taxi accident, it can be found liable.
  • The Taxi Driver – Often taxi accidents are caused by taxi driver negligence, including distraction, exhaustion, impairment, excess speed, and aggression. If the taxi driver’s negligence is at fault, your claim will likely proceed through either the taxi company’s or the taxi driver’s coverage (depending upon whether the driver is an employee of the taxi company or he or she rents or leases the cab).
  • Another Driver – If you are injured as a passenger in a taxicab accident that is caused by another driver, your claim will process through the at-fault driver’s coverage (just as it would in any other car accident).

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