Butts County Uber Accident Attorney

Butts County Uber Accident Attorney

There is no denying that Uber has made our lives easier. There is little not to love about leaving the driving to someone else – at the tap of an app. Uber accidents, on the other hand, can lead to complicated claims. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in an Uber accident, don’t delay consulting with an experienced Butts County Uber accident lawyer.

Liability for Your Accident

When it comes to who is responsible for Uber accidents, claims typically break down in the following ways:

  • Uber – Uber is considered a firebrand when it comes to avoiding liability. They have structured themselves such that their drivers aren’t employees but are, instead, contract workers. As such, Uber avoids a great deal of responsibility when accidents ensue. If you’re injured as a result of an Uber driver’s negligence when he or she is on the Uber app and has a passenger in the car or waiting for pickup, Uber’s robust insurance is responsible for covering your claim.
  • The Uber Driver – If the accident is caused by an Uber driver’s negligence when he or she is on the app but has no passengers or waiting passengers, the Uber driver’s personal insurance coverage is responsible for your claim – and Uber’s coverage will kick in where that personal coverage leaves off.
  • Another Driver – If the accident is caused by a driver other than the Uber driver, the claim will proceed in the same manner other car accidents do, and the other driver’s insurance will be responsible for your claim.

Discuss Your Claim with an Experienced Butts County Uber Accident Lawyer

At Ben F. Windham, PC, our focused Butts County Uber accident attorneys take great pride in successfully defending the rights of clients like you – in pursuit of compensation that fairly covers their full range of damages. Your case matters, so please don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule your free consultation today.