Cargo Spills in Truck Crashes

Cargo Spills in Truck Crashes

Commercial truck crashes are often particularly dangerous traffic accidents because of the large size and weight differential between trucks and other passenger vehicles. However, semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can also cause serious damage and injuries if their cargo spills out during an accident.

Reports indicate that earlier this year, a tanker truck was involved in a crash on Interstate 20 in Greensboro, and a cargo spill resulted. The cargo was a chloral anhydrous, a hazardous chemical that spilled onto the highway. Fortunately, in this situation, no one reported any injuries, but the road was closed so professionals could clean up the chemicals. In many situations, the effects of a cargo spill can be much worse.

Some cargo spills that might cause serious damage and injuries include:

  • Items fall out of a trailer and scatter across the road, causing other drivers to hit them or swerve and crash
  • A tanker spills flammable liquid, and it results in a major fire or explosion
  • Large items – such as lumber – on a flatbed truck spill off and hit other vehicles
  • A tanker is punctured, releasing hazardous gas into the air, which could impact the health of many people in the vicinity, including those who live nearby

Whether a cargo spill causes a chain reaction crash or the hazardous nature of the cargo causes harm, injured victims should be fully compensated for their losses. In many cases, the truck driver and employing trucking company can be held liable for injuries and losses, though sometimes, third-party cargo-loading crews might be responsible.

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