Causes of Truck Jackknifes

Causes of Truck Jackknifes

A jackknife crash is one of the most dangerous types of truck accidents. The tractor and the trailer swivel to make a v-shape and any cars in the vicinity may be hit by either part of the truck, causing severe injuries to drivers and their passengers. Here are some of the causes of this type of crash.

Improper Connection

It takes some precision to properly connect the cab to the trailer. When this is rushed, or someone makes a mistake, the tractor-trailer can jackknife because it is not secured properly in place.


Trucks take far longer than the average vehicle to stop due to their incredibly large size. If a truck driver is traveling too fast, the driver will have to stop short. The act of applying the brakes quickly can cause a jackknife.


Another thing that could cause a truck to stop short is following too closely behind another vehicle. Because they take longer to stop, trucks need to allow for greater following distance. Again, slamming the brakes can lead to a jackknife.

Poorly Trained Drivers

Trucks are not easy to drive under the best of circumstances. Now, trucking companies cannot find enough drivers to operate these vehicles. Some are putting less experienced drivers on the road. Driver inexperience is a contributing factor to many jackknifes, since the operator cannot control the truck.

Bad Weather

When a driver is out on the road in inclement weather, there is a far greater chance of a jackknife. Even a little bit of rain can make the road far more slippery and can cause the trailer to rotate from the cab.

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