Chamblee Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Chamblee Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Helping Clients Injured in Taxi Crashes in the Chamblee Area

Taxis are still alive and well in Georgia, even with the rise of rideshare services. Many people call taxis because they can clearly identify their driver, who is – hopefully – fully vetted by the cab company and has a special endorsement on their license to drive a cab. However, even though taxis might seem more official and safer, they can still be involved in serious crashes.

If you are injured in a taxi cab crash, either as a passenger of the cab or in another vehicle involved in the collision, you should speak with a Chamblee taxi cab accident attorney about possible compensation for your losses. The law office of Ben F. Windham, PC, can evaluate your options, so please contact us right away.

Liable Parties for Taxi Accidents

If a taxi driver crashed and caused an accident, that driver should be liable for your injury-related losses. However, these cases are usually not as simple as filing a claim against the driver. In many situations, the taxi company might also be liable for the driver’s negligence, depending on the employment relationship between the company and driver. This is a complex legal liability issue that should be examined by an experienced attorney.

In some situations, third parties might be liable, including other drivers, auto manufacturers, local agencies, or road crews responsible for road hazards. We explore every option to seek full compensation for your losses, which might include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future financial costs
  • Pain and suffering

Contact an Experienced Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer in Chamblee

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