Clayton County Brain And Spinal Injury Attorney

Clayton County Brain And Spinal Injury Attorney

There are few injuries one could suffer that are more severe, enduring, or lasting than brain or spinal cord injuries. They can incite bleeding, bruising, neurodegeneration, and ongoing impairment or paralysis for the remainder of the sufferer’s life. The medical community refers to these types of injuries as catastrophic injuries, and fittingly so.

These injuries are a physical, emotional, and financial drain on every sufferer’s life. Worst of all, these life-altering ramifications could be preventable. While it’s true that there can be sheer freak accidents, most of these injury cases are seldom that. Some of the most common causes of brain or spinal cord injuries include:

  • Vehicular accidents
  • Falls
  • Intentional violence
  • Sports accidents
  • Medical negligence or nursing home abuse
  • Other types of accidents

It’s reasonable to assume that a fraction of most of these (except violence or medical malpractice) could be attributed to sheer bad luck. One wrong turn or step could send you into a world of misfortune, and that’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. However, anything implicating another person or party’s negligence is a potential personal injury case worth pursuing.

The last thing you deserve after a catastrophic injury is the expectation that you’ll brunt the burden of future catastrophes alone. That’s why you should fight for the compensation and accountability you deserve, and if you live in Clayton County, you only have one option.

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