Clayton County Burn Injury Attorney

Clayton County Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are among the most grueling damages one can suffer. According to the CDC, around 1.1 million of these injuries require hospitalization each year. At best, they result in irritated and blistered skin. At worst, they result in charred muscle, flesh, nerves, and sinew, and may incite serious infections or amputations. At their worst, they may cause you to lose the use of a body part or burns can be fatal.

Some statistics ballpark the average cost of a burn injury as being somewhere around $24,000. That’s quite a price tag, especially when you consider that the average person struggles to cover a $400 emergency expense. If you suffered burns as a result of someone else’s negligence, then you shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

Causes of Burn Injuries

A Clayton County burn injury lawyer can help you cover those costs, but how do you know if your case is legally actionable? Well, all of the following burn injury causes can constitute examples of negligence:

  • Structural fire or explosion
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Insufficient safety protocols/equipment
  • Burst piping
  • Damage furnaces
  • Exposed wiring
  • Gas leak
  • Kitchen grease fire

Most of these incidents are the responsibility of supervisors or property owners to mitigate. Under federal regulation, workplaces with ten or more employees must have a clear fire prevention plan. If they or your coworkers fail to uphold even one of these safety standards, that could be grounds for a personal injury case. With that in mind, who should you call if you or a loved one suffered a burn injury in Clayton?

Seek Compensation with a Clayton County Burn Injury Lawyer

Time and time again, we’ve stared down tragedy in the face and won for our clients in burn injury cases. Whether it was chemical or thermal, in or out of the workplace, our Clayton County burn injury attorneys are prepared to have your back and fight for the accountability you deserve.

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