Clayton County Premises Liability Attorney

Clayton County Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability claims relate to negligence on the part of commercial property owners that leads to dangerous accidents, including slip and falls. When you enter a store, restaurant, or another commercial enterprise, you enter as an invited guest, and this means that the property owner or manager owes you a duty of care that rises to the level that other reasonable property owners exhibit in similar situations. If a property owner or manager fails to live up to his or her duty of care on your behalf, turn to a Clayton County premises liability lawyer

Common Categories of Premises Liability Claims

Every premises liability claim is unique to the situation at hand, but there are several basic causes that commonly apply, including:

  • Slip and Falls – When a property owner or manager fails to maintain his or her commercial property in reasonably safe condition, slip and fall accidents can ensue. Things like cracked, uneven, or otherwise dangerously worn or designed walkways are often the culprit in slip and fall accidents.
  • Failure to Warn – Sometimes, commercial enterprises have known dangerous elements, and the property managers are responsible for warning invited guests about these inherent risks and how to avoid them. For example, freshly mopped floors are inherently dangerous, and warning signs should be prominently posted.
  • Failure to Protect – Some businesses have extremely dangerous facilities on the premises, such as swimming pools and saunas, that lure vulnerable children toward them. These businesses are responsible for erecting barriers to help keep unattended children out of harm’s way.

An Experienced Clayton County Premises Liability Lawyer Cares About Your Case

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