Clayton County Product Liability Attorney

Clayton County Product Liability Attorney

Product liability claims relate to consumer goods that fail to live up to the safety standards that guide their manufacture and design. If the consumer product that you invested in leaves you or someone else in your household injured, don’t delay reaching out to an experienced Clayton County premises liability attorney.

Your Product Liability Claim

Generally, product liability claims fall into one of three categories that include:

  • Faulty Design
  • Faulty Manufacture
  • Inadequate Instructions and/or Warnings

Let’s consider a pair of toddler’s pajamas by way of example.

Faulty Design

If the set of pajamas you purchase for your toddler has small buttons on them that can fall off and pose a choking hazard, this is an example of faulty design. The pajamas themselves may be manufactured in exact accordance with the attendant design, but the design is faulty to begin with.

Faulty Manufacture

If the set of pajamas that you purchase for your toddler is based on a sound design, but the neck is attached defectively and, thus, poses a choking hazard, the product liability is predicated on faulty manufacture.

Inadequate Instructions and/or Warnings

If the cotton set you purchase for your toddler to wear to bed isn’t intended for sleepwear (which comes with its own safety restrictions that include fire retardation) and fails to provide adequate warning of this fact, this absence can lead you to inadvertently put your child at unnecessary risk.

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