Clayton County Wrongful Death Attorney

Clayton County Wrongful Death Attorney

We always prefer to think of ourselves as the exception. We never want to imagine the unimaginable happening to us, but far too often, it happens. One of the worst ways it can happen is in the form of suddenly losing a loved one to another person’s negligence. Premature losses are always a terrible, tragic experience, but that’s only exacerbated when you aren’t granted the opportunity to wish the deceased your final goodbyes.

Sometimes they are unavoidable and result from sheer, tragic misfortune, but far too often, they are altogether senseless and preventable. A little recklessness, carelessness, and callousness can go a long way toward afflicting immense, profound loss. If you’re struggling with ambiguity over whether or not to enlist a Clayton County wrongful death lawyer for your case, put those ambiguities to rest. The following instances, without a doubt, all constitute wrongful death cases:

  • Vehicle Accidents: Incalculable losses in the tens of thousands occur on our roadways and waterways each year, and more often than not, it’s on behalf of someone else. Intoxicated, tired, or flagrantly irresponsible vehicle operators are all negligent parties in a wrongful death case. There doesn’t even need to be another driver, boater, or cyclist present; road workers and mechanics can also be guilty.
  • Product Malfunctions: It’s not just malfunctioned vehicles; a surprising number of things can go awry and tragically cost someone their life. Defective medications, toys, baby products, or all manner of choking hazards could give way to tragedies, and any company distributing these hazardous goods must be held accountable.
  • Workplace Accidents: There’s a lot of figures of speech about your job killing you, but for some people, that can be far too real. Physically intensive, white-collar, or incredibly hands-on workplaces, like kitchens and construction sites, face their fair share of safety risks. Still, most workplaces are legally obligated to uphold a minimum standard to minimize unsafe conditions. Anything less is legally actionable.
  • Medical Malpractice: Unfortunately, the people who swore an oath to do no harm can cause the most harm. Surgical errors, dosage errors, discharge errors, inadequate treatments, and lack of informed discharge are exact instances of malpractice that should be swiftly dealt with ASAP.

The Georgia statute of limitations for a wrongful death case is over two years, but don’t wait.

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