What Happens After a Commercial Truck Accident?

What Happens After a Commercial Truck Accident?

Getting into a crash with a large semi-truck is a traumatic experience, and it should be no surprise that you are shaken up. You might need an ambulance ride to the hospital or might need to leave the scene to take yourself to the emergency room. Once you leave the accident scene to get medical treatment, however, what happens next?

Crash Investigations

Truck accident investigations are complex matters, and they can start as soon as possible following a crash. The trucking company might send out investigators and other representatives to gather evidence and information before authorities clear the wreckage and tow away the truck. Keep in mind that these trucking representatives are working to avoid liability – not prove it.

This means that you want your own legal advocate working to gather evidence in support of liability, which will allow you to hold the trucking company liable for any negligence involved. Never wait to seek help from a South Atlanta truck accident lawyer who can begin protecting your rights as an accident victim.

Once on the case, your attorney can provide notice to the trucking company of a future claim, which requires the company to retain and preserve any evidence that could be relevant to the case. It is important for this to happen before such evidence disappears or becomes otherwise impossible to obtain.

Truck crash investigations are complicated matters, so you want a law firm that has the investigative resources to identify the cause of your crash and all sources of liability.

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After a truck accident, your focus should be on your physical condition and medical treatment. Still, things happen quickly, and you want someone representing your interests in the time following a crash. Never wait to seek help from the office of Ben F. Windham, P.C.

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