Common Causes of Highway Crashes

Common Causes of Highway Crashes

People in the Atlanta metropolitan area regularly use the six interstate highways to get around town. While highways are convenient with their high speed limits and constant flow of traffic, they are also the location of serious crashes that often result in injuries and fatalities. Often, the higher the speed of the vehicles, the worse an accident can be, and this is certainly true for highway crashes.

It is important to know why highway crashes happen – both to protect yourself from harm and to identify your rights following an accident.

Distracted driving – Many people use highways for their commute, and they might be tempted to multitask during this daily drive. This can include eating on the way to work, checking emails, catching up on the news on your smartphone, and much more.

Drowsy driving – Some drivers on highways – especially commercial truck drivers – have been on the road for long hours, while others might be tired from a long day at work or from a restless night’s sleep. Drowsy drivers on the highway can lose focus or even fall asleep.

Speeding – The speed limits on highways are already higher than other roads, and when drivers exceed these speed limits, they are at a greater risk of losing control and crashing.

Improper lane changes – When a driver tries to change lanes without checking their mirrors and blind spots, or if they try to weave through traffic, they can run cars off the road or cause serious collisions.

Drunk driving – Drunk driving is dangerous on any road, and impaired drivers are notorious for driving the wrong way on highways, which can cause deadly head-on collisions.

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