Common Injuries Over the Holidays

Common Injuries Over the Holidays

Holiday Accidents

The holidays should be a time for family, food, and festivities. However, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, there exist many risks of accidents and injuries. The following are only a few common injury risks during the holiday season. If you want to discuss a specific situation, contact a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta directly.

Traffic Accidents

There are many reasons why car accidents increase during the winter holidays, including:

  • More drunk drivers are on the road due to holiday parties and other festivities
  • People take road trips and are driving while fatigued or in areas with which they are unfamiliar
  • People are in a bigger rush to get from place to place
  • Parking lots are overcrowded

If you are hit by an impaired, drowsy, or aggressive driver, you should discuss your rights with an experienced car accident lawyer.


People love to decorate their homes and businesses for the holidays – often inside and out. Whenever you bring in new decor, there is the chance that hazards may exist. Businesses may use decorations that present a slip and fall hazard, or decorations may fall down onto customers. At home, outlets may short out and cause electrical injuries or fires. These are only some ways that holiday decorations can result in injuries.

Defective Gifts

Many of use purchase gifts for our family members, and sometimes, those gifts can be defective and result in injuries. A few years ago, the most popular gift of the year – the hoverboard – began catching fire and exploding in people’s homes, causing injuries. There are usually a few hot items each year that end up malfunctioning and causing injuries.

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