Conyers Lyft Accident Attorney

Conyers Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft is there when you need it. It’s great to hail a driver with the ease of an app, but Lyft accident claims are often quite complicated. If you’ve been injured by a negligent Lyft driver – whether as a passenger or as another motorist – the best path forward is with an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Conyers on your side.

Lyft Driver Negligence

Lyft drivers are not professional drivers, per se. Instead, they are freelance operators who happen to drive for Lyft when they choose. Nevertheless, they are paid to drive you where you need to be and are held to some enhanced restrictions related to hours spent behind the wheel. Just like all other motorists on our roadways, Lyft drivers are responsible for driving safely in relation to the traffic on the road and to the condition of the road. When Lyft drivers engage in negligent driving practices, they put everyone on our roadways at increased risk.

Compensation for Your Damages

If a Lyft driver leaves you injured, you’ll likely face some ambiguities related to insurance coverage, including:

  • Lyft covers those accidents that occur while the driver is on the app and has a passenger or is en route to pick one up.
  • If the Lyft driver is on the app but is waiting to connect with a fare, Lyft’s insurance coverage will take over where the driver’s personal coverage leaves off.
  • If the Lyft driver wasn’t on the app at the time of the accident, his or her own insurance coverage is responsible.

Retain an Experienced Lyft Accident Lawyer in Conyers Today

If you’ve been injured by a Lyft driver’s negligence, the intrepid Conyers Lyft accident attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, are well positioned and well prepared to help. To schedule a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 today.