Conyers Uber Accident Attorney

Conyers Uber Accident Attorney

Knowing that you can hail an Uber with the touch of an app is a convenience that we couldn’t have even imagined in the not-too-distant past. The fact is, however, that Uber is nothing more than an organized network of people who happen to have driver’s licenses and who happen to be free to drive (when they’re on the Uber app). In other words, it’s not set up with your safety in mind. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, you shouldn’t delay contacting an experienced Uber accident lawyer in Conyers.

Your Uber Driver

The Uber drivers whom you meet on the road and who give you rides don’t actually work for Uber. Instead, they are part of the gig economy and simply drive for Uber when they choose to. This setup helps shield Uber from liability, and it can also complicate the accident claim process. Further, Uber drivers are not required to have any special experience or licensure. When it comes to your Uber driver, it amounts to a luck of the draw situation. While your driver may be very conscientious, experienced, and safe, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is also a bit different for Uber accidents, including:

  • Uber has coverage in place for all accidents involving active Uber drivers (who have passengers or who are picking up passengers).
  • Uber’s coverage kicks in where the driver’s coverage ends – if that driver is on the app and waiting for an active fare.
  • If the driver isn’t on the app, his or her own insurance coverage applies.

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