How Truck Dashcams Can Help Injury Claims

How Truck Dashcams Can Help Injury Claims

Trucking companies will often install dashcams on their trucks to keep an extra eye on their driver. They want to monitor any unsafe habits or things that can delay deliveries. This dashcam, if it has been installed, can also help you prove your truck accident case if you are able to obtain the footage.

In any truck accident claim, you would need to prove that the driver acted negligently for you to be able to receive money. You must have more than just your side of the story. The best thing to have on your side is a witness. However, other tools such as the black box and dashcam footage can also help make your case. This evidence could give a recording of events from the time of the accident. It could show exactly what the truck driver did that may have caused the accident in live and unedited footage. The same is true if you have your own dashcam in your car.

You Must Act Quickly to Get This Evidence

There is no legal obligation for a truck to have a dashcam. It is something that trucking companies do to get an extra layer of supervision. Therefore, this evidence can disappear quickly if you do not aggressively move to preserve it right after the accident. A truck accident lawyer could direct the trucking company to preserve all evidence in anticipation of litigation, but that letter needs to go out very quickly. This is another reason why you must have an attorney in place right after the accident.

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