Covington Boat Accident Attorney

Covington Boat Accident Attorney

Helping Clients and Their Families after Serious Boating Accidents

Many people in the Covington area take every opportunity possible to get out on a boat and enjoy a day on the water. With many lakes and other waterways in Georgia, boating is a very popular activity. Unfortunately, it is also a highly risky activity, and many people suffer serious or even fatal injuries in accidents.

Ben F. Windham is an experienced boat accident attorney in Covington who can help you and your family recover financially after a devastating incident on the water. Contact our office to discuss what happened for free today.

How Boat Accidents Occur

People can be injured in boat accidents in many different ways and for many different reasons. Some examples of how injuries occur include:

  • A boat collides with another watercraft
  • A boat runs over a swimmer in the water
  • A boat runs aground
  • A boat collides with an obstacle in the water
  • A boat capsizes

There are many possible causes of the above accidents, and some boat accident claims cite the following:

  • Inexperienced boat operators
  • Impaired or distracted boat operation
  • Speeding
  • Violating the rules of the water
  • Improper procedures for water sports
  • Defective or poorly maintained boats

Boat operators often make mistakes or poor decisions, which cause serious and life-threatening injuries to others. Whether you were on the boat that crashed, on another boat, or in the water, you may have the right to compensation if someone else caused the boat accident. You should not wait to learn about your rights from a skilled Covington boat accident attorney.

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