Covington Burn Injury Attorney

Covington Burn Injury Attorney

There are few pains more agonizing than suffering a serious burn injury. At best, you’ll be left reeling with irritated, blistered skin. At worst (assuming you don’t die), you can be left with charred flesh, nerves, muscle tissue, infections, and potentially lifelong immobility. Such injuries can be thought of in the context of four degrees:

  • First: Superficial skin damage, doesn’t blister or scar
  • Second: Visible blisters or scarring and may require surgery
  • Third: Dry, deep scarring and flesh damage, at risk of infection, may require skin grafts
  • Fourth (and beyond): White or dark color, severe muscle or bone damage, may demand amputation of the affected area

In the case of first-degree burns, it is often okay to treat them at home with proper first aid. However, if the burn is not healing, the pain persists, or there are any signs of infection, it is imperative to see a medical professional immediately. Even minor burns can develop severe complications that can threaten your health.

If the burn is more severe, however, seek immediate medical attention. Never try to clean or treat second-degree (or more severe) burns on your own, as the risk of infection is high. Further, some severe burns might put you into shock, which can limit your understanding of how serious your injury truly is. Treatment might include:

  • Time in a burn center
  • Infection prevention
  • Skin grafts
  • Amputations

Seek Help from a Covington Burn Injury Lawyer

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