Covington Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Covington Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Standing Up for the Legal Rights of Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home populations are steadily increasing, and many facilities are understaffed or staffed by inexperienced individuals who work long hours. Sometimes, staff members can get frustrated and impatient and engage in unacceptable behavior toward residents as a result. Such behavior can rise to the level of nursing home abuse, and it can result in severe injuries to elderly or ill residents.

Attorney Ben F. Windham has seen how nursing home misconduct can affect your loved one in a nursing home and your entire family. If you believe your family member was a victim and they suffered injuries, do not wait to call a Covington nursing home abuse attorney for help.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse – Hitting, striking, pushing, kicking, restraining, or otherwise causing physical injuries to residents.
  • Sexual abuse – Unwanted touching, exposing sexual parts, sexual assault, and rape can all occur in nursing homes.
  • Mental abuse – Even without physical contact, residents can suffer harm due to humiliation, threats, put-downs, and other emotional and mental assaults.

Because nursing home residents may be afraid of retaliation or may not have the mental capacity to report abuse, they often suffer in silence. It is important for family members to recognize the signs of abuse, which include:

  • Physical wounds and injuries in various stages of healing
  • Fearfulness or acting withdrawn
  • Acting afraid of certain staff members
  • Staff members will not let you visit with your loved one alone
  • Soiled or bloody clothing
  • Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs)

Victims of nursing home abuse have the right to hold the nursing home fully accountable for their physical, mental, and financial losses. Always contact a Covington nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your loved one’s rights.

Do Not Hesitate to Discuss Your Concerns with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Covington

At the law firm of Ben F. Windham, P.C., we know how harmful any form of abuse can be to nursing home residents. If you have concerns, please call us at 833.236.9467 or contact us online about a possible case today.