Explosions from Truck Crashes

Explosions from Truck Crashes

The news is often filled with reports of fiery truck accidents. There are a number of reasons for these explosions. When you or a loved one have been injured in a truck crash with an explosion, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

Truck Cargo Often Causes Explosions

The most common reason why trucks explode on impact is the cargo that they are carrying. Tanker trucks that carry gasoline and dangerous chemicals are the most likely to explode. These trucks are all over the roadway and are, by far, the most dangerous type of truck that you could encounter. This could injure drivers in the vicinity who are caught up in or near these crashes.

Cars may also explode when they are struck by trucks. The impact of the crash could be so forceful that it punctures the gas tank and ignites the car.

Finally, the truck itself could explode on impact because it is defective. The truck may not have been properly designed or manufactured to withstand the force of the crash. The same could also happen because the car that was struck may also have been defective.

Your Lawyer Will Investigate the Cause of the Explosion

Liability is not always apparent immediately after a truck explosion accident. You must find the proper defendant to sue. First, your truck accident lawyer would need to investigate the accident to determine the cause and who was to blame. Given the severity of injuries from these explosions, the settlement or jury award could be significant, especially if you can sue a trucking company.

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