Covington Uber Accident Attorney

Covington Uber Accident Attorney

Uber offers an immense convenience, but Uber accidents happen far too often. The Uber company itself might attempt to limit its own liability, which can make recovering on your full range of damages that much more difficult. If you’ve been injured as a result of an Uber driver’s negligence, the time to talk to an experienced Covington Uber accident lawyer is now.

Your Uber Driver

Uber is a different type of company than others that provide professional drivers. Your Uber driver is not a professional driver in the same legal sense that a taxi driver or truck driver is, which means they often lack any special training or compliance requirements.

Your driver, however, takes on considerable additional driving responsibilities in his or her capacity as an Uber driver, including:

  • Your Uber driver must make frequent stops and must enter and exit traffic frequently. These tasks are closely associated with an increased risk of accidents.
  • Your Uber driver must interact with the Uber app while behind the wheel, which can prove to be a dangerous distraction.
  • Your Uber driver must take the fares he or she is given, which often translates to driving in unfamiliar areas, and that can make accidents more likely.
  • Your Uber driver must locate you as his or her pickup – while he or she maneuvers through traffic – which can serve to further complicate the matter.

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