Dangers of Tanker Truck Crashes

Dangers of Tanker Truck Crashes

Tanker trucks carry perhaps the most dangerous cargo of all. As a result, they must be rigorously inspected and only driven by qualified and trained operators. In reality, motorists have little chance of walking away from a tanker truck accident unscathed.

Tankers carry fuels and hazardous chemicals. Their cargo is highly flammable, and these trucks could explode on impact. Sometimes, they carry chemicals that can burn people on contact. When the tank of the truck is punctured, the risks to all other motorists on the road and first responders increase exponentially.

Tanker Trucks Are Heavy and Explosive

The weight of the tanker truck also poses risks in an accident. When the tanker is underfilled, it could cause an imbalance. This could lead to a rollover.  Since the cargo is liquid, it could slosh around in the truck and shift, making it more difficult for the operator to control the vehicle.

A fully-filled tanker is very heavy, substantially more so than a car. The disparity of weight between the truck and car means that the truck will collide with a large amount of force, causing serious injuries to drivers.

In reality, tanker trucks are difficult to maneuver, especially when there is no tractor and trailer. This makes it tougher for the operator to avoid accidents. There are large blind spots on both sides of the vehicle, making it harder for the trucker to see other drivers.

Tanker truck crashes will usually lead to more serious injuries. This is why you need a lawyer when you have been injured in an accident with a tanker.  You will need a settlement to compensate you for all of the harm that you have suffered.

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