Did You Slip and Fall While Shopping?

Did You Slip and Fall While Shopping?

Slip and Fall

While many of us enjoy online shopping from the comfort of our own homes, going to the stores – or various stores – is still a part of most people’s everyday lives. Many of us visit the grocery store, Walmart, Target, or another big box store for food and household needs on a regular basis. You may not think twice about these shopping trips, and you certainly may not consider they might be risky for your health. That is until you slip and fall and suffer serious injuries due to a store’s negligence.

Grocery stores and similar larger establishments are hotbeds for slip and fall risks. There can be aisles after aisles of merchandise and, often, employees do not check each aisle for possible hazards carefully enough. There are many hazards in these stores that can cause slip and falls and serious injuries, including:

  • Spills that are not cleaned up in a timely manner
  • Wet or slippery floors without warning signs for customers to use caution
  • Items or debris left on the ground
  • Overly worn flooring materials
  • Ramps without slip-proof mats or railings
  • Dangerous steps or staircases

If you encountered a hazard at a store in Georgia and suddenly slipped and fell, you should report the accident to the store management right away. You should head to the emergency room or urgent care to get your injuries diagnosed and treated. Then, you should call an attorney who handles premises liability cases. Insurance claims against large stores and companies can be notoriously difficult and frustrating. Allow us to handle your claim while you focus on the physical healing process.

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