Distracted Drivers Can Hit Motorcyclists

Distracted Drivers Can Hit Motorcyclists

Even under the best of circumstances, it is difficult for a car driver to see motorcyclists. Bikers are not always on their eye level. When drivers look into their blind spots, they do not always see motorcyclists. That assumes that motorists even check their blind spots before turning or changing lanes.

Unfortunately, the road is not the only thing that some drivers look at behind the wheel. They may not even look at the road at all. Distracted driving has become a far bigger problem, as people simply cannot put their phones down or avoid other things that compete for their attention. Smartphones have been the problem far worse, as drivers send texts and check social media while the car is in motion.

Seconds Matter When it Comes to Seeing Motorcyclists

All it takes is a split second for the driver not to see a motorcyclist. By the time that they recover and pay attention again, it is too late, and the damage is done. On a highway, the driver can travel the length of an entire football field in the time that it takes to read a text. They could drift out of their lane, especially if the roadway is not straight. They could also run into the back of a motorcyclist. Any type of accident, especially at high speed, will seriously injure a biker.

As an injured motorcyclist, you may not even need to prove that the driver was distracted, although it would certainly help your case. All you have to show is that they did something wrong behind the wheel, such as making an illegal turn or lane change to prove that they were negligent.

Call an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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