Do Not Discount Injuries from a Rear-End Collision

Do Not Discount Injuries from a Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions often happen at lower speeds in traffic, and as such, they are regularly referred to as “fender-benders.” While rear-end crashes might not be taken as seriously as other types of car accidents, they still have the potential to result in injuries that require medical treatment. Many people do not feel the need to seek medical care after a rear-end collision, though this can be a mistake.

Signs of Common Injuries

Any type of car accident can be a jolting and unsettling experience, both mentally and physically. After a crash, many people might think it is “normal” to feel disoriented, confused, stiff, or sore. However, these might be signs that you sustained an injury that requires treatment.

For example, disorientation and headaches are common signs of a concussion, so they should never be discounted. Instead, you should get a possible concussion diagnosed, so you know what treatment you need to best protect yourself. You might expect stiffness or soreness to go away within a few days when, in many cases, these effects actually get worse. This might be because you sustained a soft tissue injury in your neck, back, shoulder, or knees, which are all common in rear-end collisions.

If you feel anything out of the ordinary after a crash, do not discount it as a “normal” reaction. Instead, protect your health and your rights by getting a timely diagnosis and starting treatment for your injuries as soon as possible.

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