Driverless Trucks are Coming – So are the Risks

Driverless Trucks are Coming – So are the Risks

The march of progress continues, and technology that was once the realm of science fiction may soon be coming to a street near you. Various companies are creating driverless truck systems, and they are quietly being tested on public roads.

Unfortunately, nothing in the world is perfect, and it’s a safe bet that driverless trucks will get into accidents just like human drivers. When they do, victims will likely be entitled to compensation for their accident-related injuries.

The Risks of Driverless Vehicles

Large commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When they get into accidents with smaller passenger vehicles, the damage they cause can be catastrophic. Some of the risks specific to driverless trucks include software errors, equipment malfunctions, hacking and hijacking, and driverless vehicles not being able to respond to unforeseen circumstances.

Liability in Accidents Involving Driverless Trucks

New technology often brings up new legal questions. For example, who is going to be liable when a driverless truck inevitably gets into an accident? At this point, the answer is unclear. Potential parties against whom injured victims may be able to file claims include the truck manufacturers, software designers, trucking companies, or driver supervisors (humans who ride in the truck and oversee the self-driving vehicle).

If you are injured by a self-driving vehicle or a traditional vehicle with a human behind the wheel, you may be able to obtain significant compensation for your accident-related losses. Examples of losses that are often successfully sought in accident claims include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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