Trucking Companies Work to Avoid Liability

Trucking Companies Work to Avoid Liability

Truck accident lawsuits are getting far more expensive for trucking companies as the value of personal injury claims has skyrocketed. There are even some trucking companies that are getting put out of business by “nuclear verdicts.” As a result, you should never underestimate the ability of the trucking company to do everything that it can to avoid liability.

The time after your truck accident is crucial. More so than other motor vehicle accidents, the trucking company has possession of evidence that can help prove your case. This evidence includes:

  • Black box data that shows things like speed, steering, and braking before the crash
  • Driver records that give evidence about driving history and drug tests
  • Maintenance logs that demonstrate when the truck was checked and what measures were taken

You Must Move Quickly in a Truck Accident Case

The trucking company could make those critical pieces of evidence disappear if you do not quickly move to obtain them. Through their lawyers and insurance companies, they may also try to avoid liability by blaming you for the accident. They may try to argue that you were doing something wrong and were at fault for the crash, and they should have to pay you nothing. Hiring an experienced and tenacious attorney is the best way to protect you from the trucking company’s efforts to get away with it when their driver caused a crash. Otherwise, you could end up injured and out of luck because the trucking company’s self-protection efforts, no matter how wrong they are, worked to keep you from getting money that you deserve.

Call an East Georgia Truck Accident Attorney

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