How Do Truck Investigations Work?

How Do Truck Investigations Work?

After you have been injured in a truck accident, there is a long legal process between the injury and financial compensation. The first part of the process is your truck accident lawyer investigating the crash and establishing the cause of the accident.

There are several phases to a truck accident investigation. One is your lawyer gathering physical evidence from the crash. Evidence can include pictures of the accident scene and other photographic evidence that could prove fault. Your lawyer will also obtain contact information from witnesses who saw the crash and will note and record their observations. At the same time, police and regulators may also perform their own investigations.

Your Lawyer Needs to Aggressively Obtain Documents

Truck accident investigations also involve obtaining other documentation and evidence. For example, each truck has a black box that records key moments and actions. The black box could capture what the driver was doing before the crash and the speed at which they were traveling. In addition, your attorney would also obtain the driver’s records and maintenance logs for the truck. The cause can also be established from documentary evidence if it shows that the truck driver and company were doing something wrong or had a pervasive pattern of illegal conduct.

Time is of the essence in truck accident investigations. The trucking company, although it has a legal obligation to maintain records, could find a way to “lose” them. Your lawyer must move quickly and firmly to obtain this necessary evidence, or else it may be lost.

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