East Point Paralysis Attorney

East Point Paralysis Attorney

Paralysis is a devastatingly serious and permanent condition – the physical, financial, and emotional effects of which are difficult to overcome. If someone else’s negligence leaves you paralyzed, working closely with an experienced paralysis lawyer in East point is the best way to help ensure that you obtain the compensation you need to make your fullest recovery.

How Paralysis Happens

Paralysis is caused by an injury to the spine, which is usually the result of a serious impact to the head, neck, shoulders, back, and/or body. Such an impact is common to traffic accidents, serious fall accidents, assaults, and more. Paralysis leaves the victim unable to control his or her bodily movements below the injury site. The finality of such an injury is obviously a serious physical and emotional blow to the sufferer.

Paralysis Can Be Complete or Incomplete

In general, the severity of the injury dictates the degree to which the victim can control the affected area of the body post-accident. This is often referred to as the injury’s completeness – of which, there are two classifications, including:

  • Incomplete – An incomplete paralysis injury means the victim retains some sensory or motor functioning in the affected area. The paralysis might also be temporary.
  • Complete – A complete paralysis injury means the victim has completely lost the ability to control his or her bodily movement in the affected area. This is a permanent condition.

Whatever the level of your injury, an accident that leads to paralysis can alter the course of your life in the blink of an eye.

An Experienced Paralysis Lawyer in East Point Can Help Protect Your Rights

The serious nature of a paralysis claim requires the experienced legal counsel of a dedicated East Point paralysis attorney like those at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC. Our formidable legal team is on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 today.