Fairburn Bus Accident Attorney

Fairburn Bus Accident Attorney

Buses offer us a lot of options when it comes to getting around. Bus accidents, on the other hand, are dangerous accidents that lead to complicated insurance claims and legal cases. If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, don’t put off consulting with a dedicated bus accident lawyer in Fairburn.

The Bus Company

Whether you take a city bus, your kids ride the school bus, you are planning a trip across the country on a commercial bus line, or anything else, the bus company bears some important responsibilities that are implemented to help keep passengers (and everyone else who shares the road) safer. These responsibilities include:

  • The responsibility of keeping their fleet of buses well maintained and in safe working order
  • The responsibility of hiring safe, experienced bus drivers who have the requisite commercial driver’s license and necessary skills
  • The responsibility of hiring well-qualified, licensed mechanics and of providing them with quality tools and parts to help ensure that their buses remain safe and roadworthy.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers also shoulder important safety responsibilities, and bus drivers who fail to do so often cause bus accidents. Common forms of negligence include:

  • Bus drivers who are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Bus drivers who are drowsy
  • Bud drivers who are distracted by anything other than maneuvering their buses safely through traffic
  • Bus drivers who speed excessively or otherwise engage in aggressive driving.

Bus drivers are professional drivers who should always adhere closely to the rules of the road. When they do not, people can get hurt.

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