Fairburn Truck Accident Attorney

Fairburn Truck Accident Attorney

Trucks serve an important role in our economy – they transport the consumer goods that we need and want. Truck accidents happen, and the size discrepancy between massive semis and the passenger cars we drive is so immense that we, as motorists, are extremely vulnerable to serious injuries – or worse – when they do. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a truck accident, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced truck accident lawyer in Fairburn on your side.


Because of their size, weight, and bulk, semis possess several qualities that make sharing the road with them more dangerous, including:

  • Trucks have much longer stopping distances than other vehicles. Never cut in front of a semi-truck.
  • Trucks have considerable blind spots on all four sides, which means you are very likely not visible to the trucker when you drive adjacent to these areas.
  • Trucks have high centers-of-gravity, which make them more prone to rollovers (poorly loaded trailers and high winds can also contribute). The danger inherent to a semi-truck rolling over on the road is obviously immense.

Truck Drivers

Truck driver negligence often plays a critical role in truck accidents, and such negligence can manifest in a variety of ways, including

  • Truckers who are distracted by anything other than driving safely (smartphones are especially risky distractions)
  • Truckers who are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Truckers who are drowsy
  • Truckers who engage in aggressive driving (excessive speeding is especially dangerous)

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