Flatbed Trucks and Cargo Spills

Flatbed Trucks and Cargo Spills

Load shifts and spills are incredibly dangerous for other drivers on the road. Flatbed trucks are perhaps the most dangerous of all because the load is out in the open. If it is not properly secured, it could fly off the truck, either striking a car or spilling debris onto the roadway. The open design of the flatbed truck does not get the trucking company off the hook when their truck or cargo injures someone else.

Flatbed trucks are usually used to transport very heavy cargo. Their load is bulky enough that it cannot fit inside a closed tractor-trailer. This could be things like lumber or other heavy iron pieces. The cargo could either come loose while the truck is in operation, or it can fall from the truck in a crash. Cargo spills can take on a number of different forms, depending on what is on the truck. For example, a tanker could overturn and spill oil onto the road. This is extremely dangerous because oil is both slippery and flammable. In some cases, larger pieces of cargo such as equipment could become untethered.

Why Flatbed Trucks Are Prone to Cargo Spills

Here are some of the dangers of flatbed trucks:

  • There are no walls to hold the cargo in place
  • The load can shift, causing uneven weight
  • Improper loading of the cargo could cause the driver to lose control

Federal regulations govern weight and how the cargo is loaded onto trucks. When there is an error in loading it, and it causes an injury, you could receive financial compensation in a lawsuit.

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