Forest Park Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorney

Forest Park Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorney

It’s difficult to imagine a nursing home – which is designed to help the most vulnerable among us live full, healthy lives – harming the very residents they are hired to protect through negligence or abuse, but it happens all too often. If nursing home neglect or abuse leaves your loved one harmed, seek the legal guidance of an experienced Forest Park nursing home neglect/abuse attorney.


Nursing home neglect refers to a failure to provide residents of nursing homes with necessary care and attention. Abuse, however, includes the sinister intention of causing harm. The National Institute on Aging reports on the primary categories of nursing home abuse:

  • Physical Abuse – Physical abuse refers to intentionally causing nursing home residents to endure bodily harm. Examples include hitting, slapping, pushing, or even restraining residents against their will.
  • Emotional Abuse – Emotional or psychological abuse can take many ugly forms, including belittling, threatening, yelling at, or ignoring residents. Other types of emotional abuse involve limiting contact with loved ones.
  • Sexual Abuse – Any sexual contact that is not consensual is sexual abuse (at best). If the resident is incapable of providing meaningful consent, the same applies.
  • Financial Abuse – If the nursing home steals your loved one’s possessions, forges his or her checks, pilfers his or her social security or retirement benefits, or helps itself to his or her bank and/or credit cards without the necessary permission, it’s financial abuse. Changing a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, adding a name to a financial account, or editing his or her will also qualifies.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Forest Park Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorney

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