Forest Park Product Liability Attorney

Forest Park Product Liability Attorney

Product liability claims address the damages caused by dangerously faulty consumer products, and they are more common than you may realize. If you or someone you care about has been injured by a consumer product that you purchased in good faith, it’s time to take action by consulting with an experienced Forest Park liability attorney.

Your Product Liability Claim

In order for your product liability claim to prevail with compensation that addresses your full range of losses (or legal damages), you’ll need to establish that the product in question was faulty in one of three primary ways, including:

  • Faulty by design
  • Manufacturing fault
  • Lack of warning

Faulty by Design

Some products are based on dangerous designs from the start. There have been a significant number of car and tire designs that were ultimately proven to be dangerous by design. Such products aren’t damaged along the way and are not manufactured incorrectly – they were simply unsafe, to begin with.

Manufacturing Fault

Some products are rendered dangerous during the manufacturing process. Common examples include medications that are tainted by contaminants during manufacturing. The medications are not dangerous in and of themselves, but something went wrong during that manufacturing process.

Lack of Warning

Some products are naturally dangerous but remain products that consumers want to purchase. Cleaning products are a good example. Many of the cleaning products that we use on a daily basis are dangerous if ingested – or splashed on the skin or in the eyes – and they require adequate warnings and instructions to ensure that consumers use them safely. Failure to include this important information can lead to serious injuries.

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