Forest Park Uber Accident Attorney

Forest Park Uber Accident Attorney

When you think about Uber rides, convenience likely springs to mind. If, on the other hand, you’ve been injured by the negligence of an Uber driver, the situation can be daunting. Yes, the driver who left you injured works for Uber, but the distinction between your accident claim and any other car accident claim is not as significant as you may think. Obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled, however, is complicated, and working closely with an experienced Forest Park Uber accident attorney is always well-advised.

Deciphering the Insurance Component

The primary difference between an Uber claim and any other car accident claim is the insurance provider involved. In an Uber claim, you may have to file a claim with more than one source. Consider the following primary scenarios:

  • When the Uber driver is on the app and has a passenger in his or her vehicle, Uber’s solid coverage is in place.
  • When the Uber driver is on the app and is on the way to pick up an Uber passenger, the same is true (Uber’s coverage is in play).
  • When the Uber driver is on the app but is biding his or her time waiting to be assigned a passenger, Uber’s coverage is not tripped until the driver’s own coverage is maxed out.

If the driver in question has logged off the app – for any reason or for any amount of time – the accident is no longer an Uber accident, and the car accident claim will proceed like any other (through the driver’s personal car insurance policy).

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